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Quite simply, I have always loved the written word.There is something magical about becoming engrossed in a good story.I began writing fantasy fiction from a dark place, but it became the most amazing, inspiring journey of my life.


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I'm working on a Storm series so I'm obsessed with everything about storms, from changes in atmosphere and mood, to the sound of thunder as it rolls across the sky, to the play of light as the clouds roll in and the sky darkens.


The trilogy is under cloud cover at the minute, but all will be revealed soon.

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It would also be wonderful to connect with readers who love fantasy fiction as much as I do. I have exciting plans for 2022, so sign up for my updates and don’t miss out.


I’m active on TwitterFacebookPinterest and Instagram. I love connecting with other authors. The writing community is awesome!

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Mask of the Gods is one of those Fantasy novels that, if you’re into Fantasy, you’re not going to want to put down. I’m in love with the world and the characters, and I am really pumped to read the rest of this series. Karen Furk has crafted a unique novel, with complex characters, immersive worlds and beautiful writing. I loved the themes of love, betrayal and revenge weaved into this novel. I can’t praise this novel enough. I highly recommend diving into this one.
Jessica Rachow, Three words: INCREDIBLE WORLD BUILDING.

Mask of the Gods is the start of a new original ya/fantasy series. When you take your time, you disappear in a vivacious and original fantasy story with beautiful realms and magical creatures!

Ideboekenkast, Mask of the Gods is the start of a new original ya/fantasy series.
Mask of the Gods is a strong start to the upcoming Mask Chronicles. I had trouble putting it down and found myself immersed in the world created by Karen Furk, the author of the debut novel. It was thrilling and overall a fantastic read.

I would catch myself cheering for Haydan, the storm rider, swooning over the bonding of souls, and gasping during the intense scenes. Furk does a great job painting a new world, and I can’t begin to praise this book enough!

Confessions of an Avid Reader
Mask of the Gods is a vortex of swirling fantasy and twisting plot, which pulls you in and surrounds you with tricksy fae and madcap adventure. The story never stands still, a twist lies around every corner, and the idea is unique and intriguing…The plot was very interesting – twisting and turning, constantly bending and re-shaping as the story progressed.

If you’re in the mood for a fantasy that dips a toe into mythology, and will take you through an entirely original world of quests and adventures, this is the novel for you. Karen Furk’s debut novel is a fantasy lover’s dream, crammed with fae, gods, and adorable fluffy troublemakers. I enjoyed every bit of it, and eagerly anticipate the chance to read more of her work – so, give it a try this spring!

The Treasure Within, Your Content Goes Here
A complex story, Mask of the Gods is one you must read with your wits about you, fully focused on the details. Once you do, you are in for something truly original that will haunt you in unforeseen ways. An intricately built world of myth weaves itself into a breathtaking odyssey through many realms and relationships. Layer upon layer of intrigue, contrivance and depth deposits itself with a fast pace and impressive description. It may seem difficult to keep up, but take your time. Incisively written and beautifully imagined, this is not a tale to be rushed, but one to linger over, pondering the unexpected consequences and incomparable characters and creatures and the power of their magical hold on the reader. A book to lose yourself in; a world to embrace; it crawls under your skin with a luminous intensity.
(Suitable for YA and adult fantasy readers.)
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