Fresh new fantasy fiction books and best fantasy books to read

Fantasy Fiction Books

Words are powerful. Words stir emotions and create feelings. Put enough together and you have a story. Stories connect us to each other, to our imagination, to our hopes and dreams; and fantasy fiction books…well, they transport you to another world entirely. Some of the best fantasy books stay with you long after you have finished reading the last words.

The ability to create worlds and characters, bringing them to life, evoking emotions and feelings in readers from careful crafting of words, is quite simply the best feeling ever. That’s why I write.

So here’s to the characters you’ve already met and love, but especially to the characters you’ve yet to meet. I hope you enjoy reading about the worlds and characters I’ve created. If my stories touch even one reader, then for me that’s a beautiful thing.

So, welcome to a world of storms and chaos but also beauty. The realm of storms has been waiting for you to enter…

My range of fantasy books to read are listed below.

Mask of the Gods

Mask of the Gods from fantasy author Karen Furk

Mask of Deception

Mask of Deception from fantasy author Karen Furk