Karen currently works as a marketer by day, crafting copy for web sites, brochures & social media. By night her alter ego comes out to play & her imagination takes over. She crafts fantasy stories that are fun, engaging & full of adventure.

Why do I write? Ironically I began writing from a dark place, but it became the most amazing journey of my entire life. I was at my most broken when I began this journey, but I look back on that time now & consider it character building…literally.

In the summer of 2012, on a family holiday in Scotland, staying on Loch Eck, I had reached the bottom of a deep dark pit. Whether it was my state of mind, the location, or a combination of both, I’ll never truly know, but studying the low lying clouds above the loch, led to my moment of inspiration.

That was when Haydan appeared – almost like he wanted to help. Something in his striking green eyes & wind swept, dark hair, told me to pick myself up off the floor, reach for my phone, find my notes section & write.

Having discovered that the demons of anyone with psychopathic personality traits, don’t play well with mine, I also discovered how cathartic the process of creating a series is. My antagonist is all the richer for my, ‘interesting’ experiences. He will keep you guessing until the very end.

I wrote from the heart, I poured out everything I had into my characters, but I had fun creating. It was then & remains one of my greatest passions & I hope readers love the characters I create, as much as I love creating them.

My first raft of books are due for release in 2019. Mask of the Gods will be first, followed by Mask of Deception and then the first of the storm books. If you fancy beta reading for me, or just want to be part of the adventure & kept up to date, then you can reach me via my contact page & sign up for more information. I can’t wait to take this journey with you, welcome…