Chosen One from Mask of the Gods
Mask of the Gods, the debut novel of Karen Furk, launches on the 8th of January 2019 and as part of that launch it’s time you get to know the main characters in Mask of the Gods better. So, with that in mind this is the introduction of chosen one Maya and her role. She’s the calming influence in Haydan’s life, or at least she’s meant to be!

Maya Chosen One in Mask of the Gods

I am the calm. I bring harmony. I tame a powerful, dangerous being into submission. I am the only one to wield such power over another living soul.

I am the only place he finds peace.

I am the eye of a storm or the sigh of a world after a gale has unleashed.

I am the scent of petrichor and the fresh breeze that blows after a tempest tearing the world apart.

I pledged to love my storm rider in the sea and I will not fail.

I offer the storms my loyalty, devotion and love.

I bring understanding and compassion.

My soul links to his. I will defend him ahead of all others. I stand with my storm rider and his warrior at my side and suggest you understand the formidable power before you.

I will submit to no other.

I will not justify or apologise for how I feel.

I will not capitulate.

Despite what my storm rider and his warrior think, I unite the pack. I will not rest until they are safe and protected. You hurt my storm rider or warrior and I will ensure our bond defends them. I will help them prevail, for our connection is stronger than any you can ever imagine. It was forged in the sea by souls that don’t bow to anyone’s will but our own.

You can’t guard against a storm riders magic. There is no place to hide. He sees and hears everything you don’t want him to. His warrior knows stealth and moves with a ruthless precision that ensures their success.

I am the balance.

I am the bearer of new life.

I am chosen one.

Nothing and no one will ever come between us.

Three souls with one goal to protect each other at all costs.

Together we are the power of three.