Storm Rider Haydan from Mask of the Gods

Mask of the Gods, the debut novel of Karen Furk, launches on the 8th of January 2019 and as part of that launch it’s time you get to know the main characters better. With that in mind, this is the introduction of storm rider Haydan and his role. Haydan is one of the author’s favourite characters in Mask of the Gods because he’s the point where her writing journey began. So, without further delay, here he is, meet storm rider, Haydan…

I am the storm. I bring energy. I hold magic inside me and unleash it on command.

I am the rush of power.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

I bring the lash of rain and the wind whipping at your heels.

I pledged to protect my chosen one in the sea and I will not fail.

I control lightning and thunder. I unleash storms on demand.

I provide ruthlessness, boldness and I stand with my warrior at my side challenging you to defy me. Go ahead, try it. I fight for the greater good, for those who are oppressed and subjugated. You will not win and if you should succeed then my warrior will show you no mercy. As mist in the night, my warrior will strike when you least expect it and vengeance will be swift. There will be no reprieve from our wrath. I am the silent flicker of blinding fury before the storm unleashes. I am too powerful to be ignored. I will have your full attention whilst I am here.

I will not waver.

I will not hold back.

I will not debate.

Despite what my warrior thinks, I lead the pack. You hurt my chosen one, or warrior and I will defend them with a power, strength and retribution you have never seen. I will not stop until they are safe.

You can’t guard against my magic. You can’t hide from me. I can hear your thoughts. I can bend you to my will. Fear my warrior for she has speed and strength in abundance, but know that once you’ve encountered me, I’ll never leave you. I’ll haunt every storm you ever hear whispering your name, ceaselessly tormenting, for if you challenge me you are marked.

I am the predator.

I am the protector.

I am storm rider.