Arianna warrior from Mask of the Gods
It’s time you get to know the main characters in Mask of the Gods better. So, with that in mind this is the introduction of Arianna, warrior in Mask of the Gods and her role as Haydan’s guardian. She’s the protective influence in Haydan’s life, or when she’s behaving and on form she’s meant to be! However their relationship is complicated and it doesn’t always work like it’s supposed to.

In the books I talk about Arianna switching into ‘warrior mode’. Warrior mode is when she changes into her soul form. This is her adult appearance, where her soul takes over. So she can switch from her child form (that of a nine year old child) into her adult form. Her soul is ancient, so she looks, talks and behaves like an adult at this stage. However she can only hold her warrior appearance for a certain amount of time before she tires and has to switch back again.

Arianna, warrior in Mask of the Gods

Master is the storm. He brings the energy and magic. He brings the pace and the drama.

I am the fight.

I am the defender.

I am the guardian of my master.

I pledged to protect him in the sea and I will not fail.

He brings lightning and thunder.

I bring stealth and intrigue.

Whilst he dazzles you with his shows of power to protect you, I hide in the shadows and wait for my moment to strike. I am the silent swoosh of the blade. The glint of steel warning you to never forget I am here watching.

I will not falter.

I will not hesitate.

I will not reason.

I lead the pack. You hurt him and I will defend him with a power, strength and defiance you have never seen and I will not stop until he is safe.

He is not the one to fear. I am. I have speed and strength in abundance.

I am the hunter.

I am the guardian.

I am warrior.